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One of the most terrifyingly obvious and simple legislative faux pas in American history is now in the crosshairs of Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.

For the sake of this argument, let us imagine that we are an evil doer, looking to commit an atrocity with as many casualties as possible.  Obviously, in this scenario we are deranged, or otherwise mentally ill, simply based on the fact that we would be considering such an act.

While certainly a grim preponderance, one factor in our decision on where to commit this horrific act will be based upon the ability of the targeted populace to defend itself.  Mass shootings don’t often occur at police stations, precisely for the reason that the delusional and disturbed perpetrators are looking to have a prolonged experience that one well trained police officer with a firearm could put an end to in a heartbeat.

So, where do these killers wind up?  Schools, churches, concerts, and other “gun free” zones.

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In order to truly protect our nation’s children, worshippers, and recreating masses, we must realize that a “gun free” zone is nothing more than a barrel full of fish in which our mentally unhinged ne’er do wells can expel round after round into.

That’s why Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie is going after this outdated and clearly ineffective practice altogether.

“Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday that the majority of mass public shootings take place in gun-free zones like schools. To this end, he has proposed legislation repealing the Gun-Free School Zone Act on 1990, which makes it illegal for someone to bring a gun on school grounds.

“Massie said the solution to school shootings is putting more than one armed guard at school or allowing teachers to be armed, adding that ’98 percent of mass public shootings happen in a gun free zone.’

“’And we’ve labeled all of our schools as gun free zones. We need to take those labels off, and put our kids in that two percent category of being safe, instead of being in that 98 percent vulnerable category,’ he said.”

What about those strange new, and possibly illegal age requirements for rifle purchases?

“The congressman opposes stricter background checks and raising the minimum age to buy assault weapons, calling them ‘false senses of security.’

“’Well, we should pass my law to repeal the Gun-Free School Zone Act. I call it the Safe Students Act, but look, those are, those are false senses of security. Like Evan Todd from Columbine, he’s disgusted at these proposals because they wouldn’t do anything. And in 10 years, we’re still going to have school shootings, unless you propose real legislation, like President Trump has proposed, that would allow teachers to be armed,’ Massie said.”

Massie’s math looks good, but now it will be a matter of convincing the emotionally charged liberal lunatics that he’s right.

And that, as it turns out, could be far more difficult then previously imagined.


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