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Americans may never come to grips with what truly happened in Florida this week, despite the information already gleaned from rampage shooter Nikolas Cruz.

The 19 year old, who killed seventeen of his former classmates this week and injured dozens more, made his first court appearance just days ago after being taken into custody alive after the horrific shooting.  What Cruz is telling authorities is truly terrifying:  The teenager claims to have heard “demonic voices” in his head that instructed him on what exactly to do during the massacre.

This undeniable truth has helped many on the left realize that guns are not the issue here, and that Cruz’s deteriorating mental health, and the abundant warning signs to his potential danger, should have prevented this atrocity.

The other tidbit of information that we can glean from this story is that “gun free zones” just plain don’t work against criminals.  That’s the nature of crime.  The only deterrent for a gun-wielding madman is the threat of an armed resistance.

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That is why one lawmaker in Kentucky is pushing for a huge change to the way things are done in the Bluegrass State’s education system.

“Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is urging his Congressional colleagues to repeal federal restrictions so teachers can carry guns for defense of themselves and their students.

“Rep. Massie spoke with Breitbart News on February 16, saying, ‘Gun-free zones are invitations to deranged criminals. Why on earth would we have a federal law to advertise our schools as such? The 1990 law has done absolutely nothing to improve school safety, and should be repealed because it makes schools less safe.’

“Massie noted that states can carve out exceptions to the Gun-Free Zones Act of 1990, but he stressed that it is much simpler to just get rid of it so states do not have work around it. Why maintain an atmosphere where the default position turns law-abiding citizens into criminals while real criminals ignore the gun-free zones to take the lives of innocents?”

Massie is not alone either, with a number of politicians quickly finding themselves on the bandwagon of protecting our students by any means necessary.

Even President Trump expressed interest in arming teachers as recently as the 2016 campaign, admitting that many of the students affected by gun violence in recent years would have been “much better off” had their teachers been capable of carrying firearms in the classroom.


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