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The preposterous and pedantic “resistance” of the liberal left is beginning to spiral out of control and into the realm of discrimination and hate speech.

Let’s clear something up right off the bat: You don’t have to hate someone because you disagree with them, especially in the realm of politics.  Our nation’s governmental system is designed to adhere to checks and balances that protect our “public servants” from having to resort to underhanded tactics to get their point across.

No one is going to rip you off, democrats. We’ve all been doing this for 240-plus years without a coup.  Calm it down.

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The way you’re acting in this Trump Era, specifically in regard to the history of the last century, is appalling, shallow, and offensive to the millions of people who perished during the Second World War…something that you keep comparing 2018 to, believing that having a President you didn’t personally vote for in the Oval Office is the equivalent of 6,000,000 dead Jews.

That’s what we all hear every time you try to say that Donald Trump is Hitler.  You are telling the world that not electing Hillary Clinton and The Holocaust are politically equal.

That is a shame on your people that I can’t properly fit into an article with so few four letter words.

Now, another of your mainstream media miscreants is pushing this idea once again, repeating the oft-cited nonsensical narrative that claims Donald Trump is literally Hitler.

During a Friday morning broadcast on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough went all in.

Scarborough said, “[W]hen you start talking about people coming in and infesting a society, infesting a culture, that really actually is straight out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook. … How does Mike Pence, how do Karen Pence, how do any of these people continue being associated with a man who is now openly bigoted against everybody who is not white and rich?”

Scarborough later added, “His supporters have no excuse anymore. There is no excuse. He is a racist. He is blatant about his racism. He is not using a dog whistle to send out his racist messages. He is using a foghorn. And anybody that cheers for what he is saying about Mexicans being breeders, about Hispanics infecting America, about people who are not white infecting America, about — denying that he knows who David Duke is, denying that he knows that the KKK was a malignant force in American history, equating Neo-Nazis and white supremacists to democratic protesters, trying to undo democratic progress across Europe. You cannot support this man and just look at the tweets that you want to look at, Mika, and ignore all the other racist comments.”

And while I understand that my readers here will understand this, I’ve created a visual aide for you to use when speaking to your liberal acquaintances:




Got it, liberals?


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