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What is it that is driving the gun control war in America today? Ultimately, it’s the desire of socialists, also known as Democrats or neo-coms (old communism in new package), to disarm the American people. Over the past few decades, they have tried many different arguments to push their anti -gun agenda with little success.

In the wake of several mass shootings in the past year, from Las Vegas, to Sutherland Springs to Parkland, the irrational fear of being the victim of a mass shooting is what is currently being used to drive the gun control agenda in an effort to strip more and more people of their constitutional right to have a gun and to protect themselves.

(Reason) – “Americans are now more likely to be shot to death than to die in a car accident,” Margaret Renkl declares in a New York Times op-ed piece calling for more gun control. Since Renkl is talking about mass shootings, which she says “are no longer so unthinkable,” the implication is that the risk of being murdered with a gun is on the rise. But that risk is in fact much lower than it was in the 1970s, ’80s, or ’90s.

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To back up her claim, Renkl links to a CDC fact sheet that shows guns killed slightly more Americans in 2015 than car crashes did. Yet 61 percent of those gun deaths were suicides, while 36 percent were homicides. Contrary to Renkl’s implication, Americans are nearly three times as likely to die in a car accident as they are to be murdered with a gun.

Renkl deploys this misleading comparison of gun deaths and traffic fatalities to justify her own disproportionate fear of mass shootings, which account for a tiny share of firearm homicides, and of school shootings in particular, which are even rarer and have not become any more common in recent years. That is not the impression left by the recent March for Our Lives rallies, which showed that many teenagers have a grossly exaggerated sense of the dangers they face when they go to school…

Allowing irrational fear to drive legislation is what helped Adolf Hitler gain control of Germany. He implanted an irrational fear of Jews, gypsies and others to help drive people to him and his form of government until he had absolute control and basically enslaved everyone. This is the same kind of mentality driving gun control here in eh US. Democrats are trying to their best to implant an irrational fear of guns in order to disarm the people to make it easier for them to gain control of the country and enslave all of us.




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