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When the fight over the Second Amendment flares up in America, we tend to hear a whole lot of the same, ad nauseam arguments over and over, (and over), again.

One of those arguments that we have had to discuss repeatedly, and redundantly, involves the knee-jerk, bleeding heart emotions of the liberal left, who tend to rush to judgment in the wake of any gun-related instance of newsworthy violence.  Part of this could be their natural reaction to the incident, but far more often this is simply a political tactic designed to capture as much support as possible.

When we are emotional we are vulnerable, and the left knows this.  They work their propaganda machine to the bone whenever they have an opportunity to stand on the graves of children, as they did in February after the gun-involved mental health attack in Parkland, Florida.

In the aftermath, the left’s campaign to shame corporations and banking entities into avoiding firearms transactions took the fight to a new level, with several companies jumping on board with the progressive narrative.  One such company, Inuit, even went so far as to reverse charges on previously purchased items at one gun shop in Arizona, causing an embarrassing situation for the shop owner who then needed to call his customers and ask them to pay again.

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Worse yet…many of these items weren’t even guns.

Larry Keane, vice president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told Thursday the credit processing company went too far when it reversed charges for items sold at gun-related stores — including t-shirts, coffee mugs and, in one case, a gun safety class.

Ken Campbell, chief operating officer of Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona, said Intuit also took issue with one of the store’s gun sales, despite his assurance the firearm would be transferred via a federally licensed firearm dealer near the customer’s home.

“Gunsite spent untold man hours contacting clients, explaining the situation with Intuit, and asking for repayment since their payments were refunded to them,” the company said in a statement Thursday. “There were also untold staff hours, including consultants, to locate a new processing company that is pro-gun.”

This inexcusable abuse of power is precisely when men such as Senator John Kennedy have been railing against in recent days, as the banking community looks to capitulate to the left’s “soft repeal” plan for the Second Amendment in which exercising your Second Amendment rights becomes so difficult that many Americans refuse to bother.

The issue has been so severe that lawmakers appear to be ready to step in and help, thank goodness.

Why is this such as issue in America?  Larry Keane said it best:

“What if they don’t want to take charges for gasoline because of global warming? Or soda because it causes obesity? There is no end to it,” Keane said.



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