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While the Second Amendment may be iron-clad to those with working knowledge of the inalienable right, that hasn’t stopped the left from employing high level trickery in order to push their anti-gun agenda.

Some of these tactics are fairly obvious, such as the political pressure being applied via social media that has retailers around the country arbitrarily raising the minimum age to purchase a rifle to 21, despite legal obligations from the Firearms Policy Coalition.

Twitter has been a breeding ground for this sort of untempered, unchecked hyperbole, with the most egregious of the leftist claims often rising to the top of the social-sphere.



Of course, few of these hasty and half-baked opinions would actually create change in America, given that the issue in most, if not all mass shootings is mental health.

In Illinois, however, the left has skipped the social media “activism” and gone straight for the guns, banning any firearms in homes overseen by the local Housing Authority, effectively turning those “homes” into state-sponsored political action zones.

Thank goodness for one brave woman who is taking these tyrannical liberals to court in order to protect herself in ways that the government cannot.

“The East St. Louis Housing Authority is the subject of a federal lawsuit filed last week by an unnamed woman ‘hiding from a violent domestic abuser’ backed by Second Amendment organizations.

“The woman said she fears her abusive ex-husband who was recently released from prison on a murder conviction. She has a valid Illinois firearms card but is barred by her lease at ESLHA’s Auburn Terrace complex from having a gun in her home even though it was used to save her life previously.

“’This situation is made even more outrageous considering what has happened to Ms. Doe while living at Auburn Terrace,’ said Alan Gottlieb, head of the Second Amendment Foundation, one of the groups backing the woman. ‘We’ve explained how she was beaten and raped in January 2017, and her children stopped the attack only by threatening to use a gun. On two other occasions, Ms. Doe had to call police due to shootings in nearby residences. When the housing authority threatened to terminate her lease due to the gun in her residence, they insisted that the building is safe, so she doesn’t need a gun.’”

And, as if to put a dagger in the bleeding heart of the liberal lawmakers behind the ban, enter attorney David Sigale.

“’Wealthier persons who can afford to live in private housing are not deprived of this right,’ Sigale says.”




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