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When it comes to the long and incredible history of firearms in America, few images are more endearing than the intrepid cowboys of the wild west scraping together a hard tack life on the range.

This romantic ideal is ingrained in our national psyche in a way that few other concepts are.  We owe a huge amount of our national identity to these brave and bold explorers, settlers, and entrepreneurs, and their respect for the idea of Manifest Destiny.

No tool was more intrinsic to the American cowboy than his firearm.  In a world of plentiful resources, and plentiful danger, frontier Americans relied heavily on the firepower of some of the world’s most iconic weapons.

Of course, everyone recalls the Colt .45 and similar single action revolvers, but the Henry rifle may be the weapon that truly won the west.

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A supreme hunting rifle, (that doubled as an excellent deterrent for cattle thieves and road agents), the Henry is as iconic as the tumbleweed in western lore.

Now, Henry is taking that heritage to heart, releasing a commemorative “Patriot Series”.

“The God Bless America Edition Golden Boy is a .22 S/L/LR lever action rifle built on Henry’s time-honored and award-winning Golden Boy platform known for its smooth action, American walnut stocks and blued steel octagonal barrel. Intricate floral scrollwork engraving on both sides of the nickel-plated receiver cover frames iconic images of America’s heritage like the American flag, the Liberty Bell, and a bald eagle, all of which have details highlighted in 24-carat gold. A banner on the right side of the receiver cover contains the words, ‘Home of the Free Because of the Brave.’ The stock is engraved and hand-painted with the Statue of Liberty’s torch, and in similar colors, the rifle’s forend displays the words, ‘God Bless America.’ Henry is also introducing a centerfire version, the God Bless America Edition Big Boy, featuring similar imagery on a rifle chambered for .44 Magnum/.44 Special with a 10. The God Bless America Edition Golden Boy, model #H004GBA has an MSRP of $1,208, and the Big Boy version, model #H006GBA has an MSRP of $1,523.

“The Stand for the Flag Edition Golden Boy is a direct salute to the American flag with a full red, white and blue depiction applied to both sides of the receiver cover with a durable polymer-ceramic coating known as Cerakote. The finish adds a layer of further abrasion and corrosion resistance on top of the nickel plating. The buttstock features a hand-painted image of a man standing hand-on-heart with the words, “O Say Can You See” written underneath. The Stand for the Flag Edition Golden Boy, model #H004SFF is chambered in .22 S/L/LR with an MSRP of $1,208.”

The weapon is absolutely a steal at this price, and it’s patriotic theme and iconic silhouette fill the mind with adventure and grandeur right out of the box.



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