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Even though the American people sent a pretty clear message to Hillary Clinton back in the waning months of 2016, the former Secretary of State still hasn’t quite received it.

Namely, We The People let Clinton, the DNC, and the world know that we would no longer be a party to her corrupt and colluding political vices, and that she and her Deep State, establishment ilk were soon to be banished from Washington D.C. altogether.

Let’s not beat around the bush; President Trump is a wildcard for American politics, and could be considered a bit reckless compared to politicians of the past, but is was still a far better option for America than the conniving and snake-like Clinton.

And Clinton hadn’t just lost either; she was egregiously embarrassed.  Nearly every news outlet on the planet was preparing for the next 4 years of Clintons back inside the White House at the beginning of the balloting period.  By the end, they were openly sobbing.

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Clinton hasn’t gotten this message, however, as she continues to galavant across the country, stoking the fires of the ridiculous “resistance” movement against conservative Americans.

Her latest target is the NRA – thanks to young and uninformed pundits such as David Hogg – who represent Clinton’s much-needed supporter base.  Hillary’s latest rant against the gun rights organization even went so far as to mimic a declaration of war against the patriot group.

Tuesday night at The Wing women’s club in New York City, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the students from Parkland, FL, who are advocating gun control after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, have “a real shot to defeat the NRA.”

Clinton said, “It is very exciting to see the movement started by the students from Parkland about taking on the NRA and the gun lobby.”

Explaining she has been pro gun control for years Clinton said, “We could never turn the concerns about guns into a voting issue on our side.”

She added, “So what we have to do is say we are for the assault weapons ban, we are for universal background checks, we are going to hold elected officials accountable, and we are going to vote against those who will not agree with those particular policies. And I think we’ve got a real shot to defeat the NRA again.”

To “defeat” the NRA?  This would be akin to having Hillary Clinton call for a march on the World Wildlife Fund in an attempt to end the sale of suede shoes.  Or an armed attack on the American Red Cross for refusing to completely heal everyone involved in a tragedy.

It’s absurd.  It’s ludicrous.  But it’s also classic Hillary, pandering to the voters whose age is the predominant factor in their voting bias.


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