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Guns were once thought of as tools, and not as weapons of violence.  Just as you would shear off an intruding limb with a set of shears, you would scare off a scavenging coyote with your rifle.

It was only after a persistent campaign of liberal lunacy in which this perception was altered.  Now, guns are dangerous, inherently.  The left is afraid of them.

Let that sink in:  People are afraid of guns.  As in, if one were sitting idly on a kitchen table, they would be afraid to touch it or move it.

Replace the gun with a fork in this scenario and you have yourself one perplexing visualization.

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Back when guns were figurative shears, there would be guns in schools far more often than anyone realized.  Hunting rifles were almost always present in the pickup trucks that litter the parking lots of our nation’s high schools, and television host Mike Rowe even has a story about bringing an old Mauser rifle to school to show to a teacher.

There are, believe it or not, still gun clubs in several high schools around the nation, but these important organizations are dwindling thanks to the smear campaigns of the liberal left.  After the Parkland incident, these groups have found themselves on the offensive, however, hoping to educate their peers rather than take their scorn without reprise.

“For much of the 20th century, this type of school-based gun education was routine. Supported by organizations like the Civilian Marksmanship Program – a group formed after the Spanish-American War when Teddy Roosevelt felt the country’s marksmanship was flagging – high school teams competing with .22 caliber rifles were common. As one parent, Becky Oeschger of Grieg, New York, remembered, she learned how to handle guns in her rural school, and many students would display their guns across the rear windows of their pick-up trucks in the school’s parking lot. ‘When kids grow up like this, it doesn’t have the negative violence associated with it and they can do it safely,’ she said.”

And what about the newfound targeting of the NRA as the boogeyman of the democrats’ nightmares?

“When I asked parents and coaches about the NRA’s influence on mass shootings, most argued that American culture was the bigger problem. ‘I would look more at Hollywood and video games before you pin everything on the NRA,’ said Leif Johnson, the coach of the Lancaster High School team.”

For now, teams such as the one at Lancaster High School are safe, but for how long no one knows.

The left has refused to exercise any level of decorum in their fight to neuter the Second Amendment, and have been preying on the praying, and exploiting the young survivors of Parkland in their campaign.


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