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We have seen far too much movement on the Second Amendment in 2018, with a number of initiatives currently infringing on the rights of Americans.

Much of this push came immediately after the events of Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day, when a crazed young man entered his former high school and murder 16 students and a coach.  The left immediately went to work putting the emotions of the day under their mainstream media microscope, washing away the gritty realism of mental illness and replacing it with a shiny, big, bad, black gun with a mean sounding name.

This pressure has certainly been instrumental in putting patriots on edge as of late, with the Second Amendment under attack in ways that were previously unheard of.  In the middle of this nationwide rebuking of the liberal narrative, the Gun Owners of America organization is standing tall, sending crustal clear message to the President himself.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) sent President Trump a letter on May 1 which expresses their conviction that the executive branch lacks the legal authority to ban bump stocks.

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GOA has led the charge against a bump stock ban from the moment it began in response to the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas attack. The push began legislatively but soon faltered, as Americans did not rally behind proposed bump stock bans. The push then morphed into a regulatory maneuver, as ATF put forward a policy change that would redefine the term “machine gun” to cover machine guns and non-machine guns alike. This redefinition will make it possible to treat non-conversion firearm accessories like bump stocks as if they were conversion devices, therefore opening the door to an all-out ban on the stocks.

The group has repeatedly warned that such a re-definition of terms opens the door not simply to a ban on bump stocks, but on semi-automatic firearms in general. They have pledged to file suit against any bump stock ban and believe the executive branch would be overstepping its bounds in implementing such a ban.

To some, this may sound a bit like a technicality, but those technicalities count.

The Second Amendment will never be repealed in one fell swoop.  The whole reason for its existence is to prevent that sort of government overreach.  But there is ample evidence that the left’s nickel and dime-ing of the right to bear arms will come back to haunt us in ways that only our grandfathers could have imagined.



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