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In the war against the Second Amendment, the progressive left has been incredibly motivated and diverse in their tactics – much to the dismay of American constitutionalists.

For decades upon decades, the tip of the anti-gun spear was employed nearly entirely by lawyers and judges who hoped to pierce through the shield of freedom that our Founding Fathers insisted on bequeathing upon us at the start of this American experiment.  While few will admit that a wholesale repeal of the Second Amendment is their end goal, careful observers understand that there is no other possibility.

Piece by piece, these legalese-fluent leftists have whittled away at our most protective right as Americans, never fully understanding that the right to bear arms is its own insurance policy against it’s repeal.

In 2018, a new tactic emerged on the left in the form of a financial focus on the NRA and their partners.  Banks were soon claiming to have negated the business they do with firearms manufacturers and the National Rifle Association, although Bank of America did quickly renege on that promise.

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Now, as the fight against our rights continues to evolve, one group is even calling for Gestapo-esque raids on private homes in order to provide a “census” of firearms.

A video posted to Facebook by an anti-NRA group advocates what it calls a “gun census program” as part of an effort to repeal and replace the Second Amendment. The group page, Hunters Against NRA, is quite small, with just over 1,000 followers, but the Facebook video, which appears below, has been viewed over 363,000 times.

The individual in the video, identified as “Skylar B.,” says that he is going to propose a nationwide gun census after Democrats take Congress this November. According to Skylar, a census worker will go door-to-door, looking for anyone who self-identifies as a gun owner.

Those people will be required to state how many firearms they have with a verification process that involves the census worker entering the person’s private residence to search for the weapons.

“They will scour the property looking for firearms,” Skylar explains in the video.

Um.  No.  We’re not going to let that happen.

It is nearly unbelievable that any American would ever suggest something like this, but, given the ridiculousness of the rhetoric in this day and age, it may have only been a matter of time before this proposal came into existence.

If Hunters Against NRA really thinks that this is the way to proceed, may I suggest they start their gun-inspections in rural Texas?  That would be sure to give them an accurate depiction of how their endeavor will manifest itself.


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