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Fact 1

A Gun free zone is like a huge flashing sign saying, “Come get us, we are unarmed!” Criminals and terrorists will flock to these areas because there is no one to stop their rampage.

Fact 2

Gun violence decreases as the amount of concealed carry increases. Violence is less likely to occur where there is a possibility of the criminal getting hurt by someone else with a gun.

Fact 3

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Gun controllers and progressives LOVE their buzzwords.  They create terms in order to frighten the ignorant and herding the sheeple into their way of thinking without those people actually looking into the matter themselves.  There IS NO gun show loophole.  The gun control advocates want to scare the general populace by spreading this lie but if you go to a gun show and want to buy a pistol from a dealer you HAVE to get a background check.  Any law that I have to follow away from the gun show I have to follow while at the gun show. 

Fact 4

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The mainstream media will not show this number because they would hate for you to know that guns are actually used in such high self defense numbers. They would rather you believe that guns are used purely for violence and crimes.

Fact 5

 Recent history is full of madmen, despots, and evil who did just that.  I’ll even lay out the numbers for you:

  • Ottoman Turkey – Armenian Genocide 1915: The Armenians were prohibited from carrying weapons or riding atop horses or camels.  Between the death marches and the concentration camps, the Turks exterminated 1.5 million Armenians.

  • Soviet Union Purge Trials 1930’s and Holodomor 1932-33-  Stalin disarms the populace and then systematically eliminates those he views his enemies on trumped up charges.  Total dead 1,548,366  Holodomor genocide- Stalin disarms Ukraine and then systematically starves them out with the citizens unable to rise up.  Between 2.5 and 7.5 dead.  Stalin would later relocate Soviets from Russia to the Ukraine region.

  • Nazi Germany The Holocaust- Maybe 6 million Jews don’t get exterminated had they not first had their means of opposition stripped of them when the Third Reich rose to power.  Nazi laws disarmed “unreliable” persons, especially Jews.  Then there are the 5 million non Jews in the Holocaust; the Romani, homosexuals etc.

  • China Mao’s Great Leap Forward 1958-1962– Disarming and then killing 45 million people in 4 years is a horrifying leap.

  • Guatemala Guatemalan genocide 1981-1983 – 170,000 unarmed dead.  440 Mayan villages wiped out. The government “suppressing rebels”

  • Uganda – Since their independence in 1962 Ugandans have suffered many violations of human rights including government sponsored violence, forced exiles, imprisonment without trial and genocide.  Over 2million unarmed Ugandans have been killed or maimed by the government.

  • Cambodia Genocide by The Khmer Rouge 1975-79 – Pol Pot and The Khmer Rouge banned by decree the existence of ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese, Muslim Cham, and 20 other minorities, which altogether constituted 15% of the population at the beginning of the Khmer Rouge’s rule.  By the end of 1979 3 million unarmed citizens were wiped out.

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