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As if to subtly recognize that the 2nd Amendment shall not be trifled with, a vast number of otherwise liberal Americans are flocking to blue state training sessions by local gun clubs.

Firearms command respect, and, far too often, that respect is expressed as fear in the left leaning community.  Instead of thinking of a gun as a machine that does whatever you tell it to, those with no operating knowledge of the devices often handle firearms as if they were crudely made bombs, with the potential to randomly fire if they are treated to even the slightest mishandling.

To combat this horribly misleading assumption, gun clubs in the state of Washington are pushing a new educational program among their peers, using the community at large to put a friendly face on firearms.

One of the most salient examples of such an outreach exists within the campus community of Washington State University.

“WSU’s Gun Club is a group that wants to help raise gun awareness, promote gun safety and debunk common misconceptions about firearms on campus, club Treasurer Logan Pruitt said.

“Growing up on a farm, Pruitt has been exposed to and influenced by the use of firearms since a very young age, he said.

“’It’s important to me because I feel like a gun is my right to self-defense,’ Pruitt said.

“The Gun Club emphasizes creating a safe and politically neutral environment for WSU students who want to shoot recreationally or competitively, according to their Facebook page.

“The club congregates for meetings once a month and hosts off-campus shooting events twice a month, Pruitt said. The two events are two weeks apart in order to appeal to everyone’s schedule and ensure that members can make it to at least one shoot a month.

“The two off-campus events are usually a shotgun, pistol or rifle shoot. For the shotgun shoots the Gun Club goes to a range in Colton where shotguns are available to use for free, Pruitt said.”

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Firearms, while certainly a far more serious subject matter than wine or cigars, certainly suffer from the same embarrassing social stigma for those with little working knowledge of them.

Much like you wouldn’t be comfortable walking into a cigar shop and picking the perfect stogie for yourself on your first attempt, walking into a gun shop or range for the first time can be a very similar experience.  The understanding of your own limited knowledge makes for an uncomfortable time, with far too many Americans preferring to skip the experience altogether to avoid embarrassment.

What these outreach experiences are truly accomplishing is a comfortable transition from unknowing to knowledgeable, with colleagues and community members who were once in your same shoes.


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