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There are plenty of reasons to be concerned over the left’s obsession with the idea of “global warming”, but it all boils down to the idea of greasing as few palms as possible.

You see, the liberal left clings to the possibility that man has irreparably damaged our environment because it’s good for business for the globalist types, as well as playing into the left’s most damning quality:  Their lack of dignity when it comes to the prospect of injecting our political science with the emotions of their bleeding hear constituents.

Global warming is good for business, insomuch that the globalism-forward overlords of the liberal left will always err on the side of certain, impending and imminent doom.  If we can use a global threat to consolidate global power in order to “save the world”, that means the next time a Soros, Rothschild, or Rockefeller feels like paying off someone, there are fewer possible recipients to choose from, and these powerful men will already know their price.

On the emotional end, the left will trot out anything that gets a rise from their malleable and youthfully gullible voter base.  Blaming things like oil spills on a carte blanche hatred of the environment that the left purports the right to harbor, these liberals will inundate us with picture after picture of baby birds covered in oil and being treated with dish soap because, number one, that sells a whole hell of a lot of dish soap, but it also reiterates the phony stereotype that only liberal politicians have the heart to fix the environment.

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Of course, the left loves pointing to the melting of ice at the poles as a precursor of our apocalyptic reckoning, claiming that greenhouse gasses are the only possible culprit.

Nobody tell them about the volcano under Antarctica then…I’d hate to ruin their weekend.

A group of scientists at the University of Rhode Island stumbled on something unexpected when analyzing data brought back from a 2014 expedition to western Antarctica.

Scientists found an abundance of the noble gas Helium-3, indicating there is a volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island glacier — the fastest-melting glacier in the South Pole. The findings were published in a study in the journal Nature Communications.

“When you find helium-3, it’s like a fingerprint for volcanism. We found that it is relatively abundant in the seawater at the Pine Island shelf,” chemical oceanographer Brice Loose, the study’s lead author, said in a statement.

“The volcanic heat sources were found beneath the fastest moving and the fastest melting glacier in Antarctica, the Pine Island Glacier,” Loose said. “It is losing mass the fastest.”

Previous research has identified a network of volcanic rifts beneath Western Antarctica that could be contributing to the ice sheet’s instability. A 2014 University of Texas study concluded that “large areas at the base of Thwaites Glacier are actively melting in response to geothermal flux consistent with rift-associated magma migration and volcanism.

Given the incredible amount of activity being seen in the Pacific Ring of Fire over the course of the last few months, this news is not only somewhat expected, but may be even a bit milder than some predicted.



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