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If the anti-gun group formed by former Rep. Gabby Giffords and her astronaut husband Mark Kelly get their way, many machine companies will have a very difficult time buying materials for their manufacturing needs.

Gifford’s Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence office in San Francisco, is pushing a piece of legislation in the Golden State that would ban anything that could be used to make a gun.

Technically, companies who purchase flat rolled steel could be banned from buying it because someone could use it to make parts for ghost guns. Imagine a machine shop being told they can no longer buy 1×1 lengths of hardened steel, or steel tubing which they use in their processing of various machine parts and other products, because someone could use the steel to tool a gun barrel.

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(Ammoland) – California lawmakers are calling for stricter gun laws after Kevin Janson Neal, 42, shot and killed five people including his wife in Tehama County. What is at issue is that Neal could not buy firearms legally, so he built his rifles. Authorities used the notorious moniker of “ghost guns” for his rifles that were recovered by police from his home.

The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in San Francisco, which is an antigun group, is calling on the California legislature to regulate the sale of any gun part that can be used to build a firearm. “Homemade firearms are going to be a bigger problem in the future as the popularity of these do-it-yourself kits increases,” said Ari Freilich from the anti-gun group in a released statement. “Criminals that would not pass a background check are attracted to this source of weaponry.”

Neal used two semi-automatics in the horrific attack. It is unclear if Neal built these from 80% non-serialized lower receivers or not. The Sheriff’s department did release a statement by Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston that said the rifles were manufactured “in an illegal manner.” They did not go into any further details…

This knee jerk stupidity is the result of Kevin Neal, the mass shooter in Ranch Tehama, California who made one of the guns he used in the shooting. Such an absurd and ridiculous law would drive many companies and jobs to leave the state, taking vital revenue with it. Sometimes you have to wonder if these people have any concept of what they are proposing.




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