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If there is to be any current debate between the left and the right on the subject of American guns, a number of locales are going to be mentioned, almost as if by memory alone, with no cognition of why.

The first municipality, or business district if we’re being technical, is Tombstone, Arizona, and, more specifically, the O.K. Corral.

The corral, a simple business in the outlying dessert town, was the site of a gunfight involving Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and their assorted and assertive assistant marshals.  These lawmen had the dubious task of disarming the Clanton gang – a small sect of the larger, and more notorious, Cowboys gang.  In this example of gun control gone wrong, the Clantons simply refused to obey the order to disarm, and, in doing so, caused the deaths of three people.

Tombstone’s standing order to disarm reminds us just a bit of the Windy City, present day:  A lot of illegal guns, and a whole lot of collateral carnage.

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Another city that we’re sure to hear about is Kennesaw, Georgia, however – a suburb of Atlanta in which it is required by law to own a gun.

Well, that’s a bit broad.  What Kennesaw actually did was pass a law stating that any homeowner must own a firearm and the ammunition for it.  There aren’t pistols hanging in every dorm room on campus at Kennesaw State University or anything like that.

Kennesaw’s crime plummeted as soon as the law was put into effect in 1982 – which was no coincidence either.  The mandatory gun law in Kennesaw was constructed in order to directly oppose Chicago’s 1982 handgun ban.

Now, thanks to the success of the longstanding legislation, even the liberal lunatics are CNN are being forced to admit that this sort of armament seems to work.

“CNN reports that Kennesaw, Georgia, adopted an ordinance in 1982 requiring the head of every household to ‘maintain a firearm.’

“CNN suggested the law requiring gun ownership is not actually enforced, but it simultaneously reported that the town of Kennesaw has only witnessed one murder in the past six years. In other words, just the common knowledge that guns are in the hands of law-abiding citizens appears to restrain the actions of criminals.

“Kennesaw Police Department Lt. Craig Graydon said, ‘It was meant to be kind of a crime deterrent.’

“At the same time, Graydon noted that widespread private gun ownership is just part of the reason for the town’s violent crime rate of less than two percent. He described the requirement to own a gun as part of ‘the whole picture.’”

So, the next time someone hits you with the Australia argument about disarmament, and you’ve already exhausted your Chicago statistics and Tombstone Anecdotes, hit ’em with a little bit of southern hospitality, and bring the Kennesaw method to the table.


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