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There is little doubt in America today that a concerted effort is being made among democrats to mold our young people into future progressive voters.

We see this literally everywhere in modern society, from children’s television programming to university lecture halls.  In the halls of higher academia this has been a readily apparent issue thanks to the high profile riots of UC Berkeley back in February of 2017.

In that particular case the First Amendment was on trial by an angry mob of leftist students who were wholly incensed that their republican counterparts on campus would have the audacity to hire a republican author for a speaking engagement.  How dare they.

Protests that erupted at UC Berkeley ahead of a planned Wednesday appearance by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos caused $100,000 worth of damage to the campus, the school said Thursday.

The university blamed “150 masked agitators” for the unrest, saying they had come to campus to disturb an otherwise peaceful protest.
Two Berkeley College Republicans “were attacked while conducting an interview” on the campus on Thursday, UC Berkeley also said in a prepared statement. The attackers, who were not affiliated with the university, were taken into custody by UC Berkeley police.
Administrators decided to cancel the Wednesday event about two hours before the Breitbart editor’s speech. UC Berkeley said it removed him from campus “amid the violence and destruction of property and out of concern for public safety.”
Now, as the left wing continues to mow down any sort of dissent they face, a new frontier in the fight for political equality is opening up within our nation’s grade schools.
One such institution in the state of Georgia has even assigned their students to write to political leaders on the subject of gun control.
The parent of a child whose teacher asked his students to pen letters asking Congress to enact stricter gun laws urged parents to “be vigilant” regarding what their children are taught and told.

According to a Blue Lives Matter report, the assignment from seventh-grade teacher Corey Sanders asked students “to pressure lawmakers to have stricter gun laws in the United States.”

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William Lee, who is also a police officer, said on “Fox and Friends” Friday that he wouldn’t have found out about the issue had he not asked what his son learned in school.

“My biggest concern was, what was the intent of the assignment? I found out that it didn’t have anything to do with what [the students] were supposed to be learning in that social studies class,” he said.

“It only gave [students] one perspective from which to write. That in itself, I didn’t think was appropriate,” Lee said.

Fox News hosts lambasted the move on air as well in a fiery rant.


I sense a new industry on the horizon:  Private, centrist and conservative schooling for our nation’s children.


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