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In America today, there is a problem with keeping our children safe in school.  As a conservative, I mustn’t be afraid to admit this, for the good of the nation.

That isn’t to say that there is an issue with the Second Amendment.  Other than the already-restrictive regulations we face as gun owners, I’d say the 240 year old parable is more relevant a realistic than ever.  The problem lies in these regulations and restrictions, and how they serve to only dissuade those who subscribe to the laws of man.

For those who don’t, such as Nikolaz Cruz and Omar Mateen, this nationwide epidemic of anti-gun legislation has provided a situation that old-timers would likely refer to as “fish in a barrel”, with either inadequate or absent protections against harm.

In the great state of Georgia, however, one school board is taking a stand.

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Georgia’s Fannin County School Board voted unanimously Thursday night to arm teachers for defense of themselves and their students.

The only caveat is that approved teachers must carry their guns in holsters:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitutionreports that district officials had been seriously considering the policy to arm teachers since April.  Those who wish to carry must be approved by the Fannin County Sheriff and the board of education, and must receive special training.

11 Alive reports that parents opposed to arming teachers “immediately walked out” of the board meeting following the vote.

Georgia has become a considerable haven for American conservatives in recent years, with the town of Kennesaw legally requiring all homeowners to own a firearm and the ammunition for it.

This move comes on the heels of a heavy-hearted 2018, as the liberal media continues to hurl guilt and blame in the direction of the NRA and responsible gun owners everywhere, exploiting the tragic death of 16 school children and a coach in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day.

In that instance, a failure of law enforcement at multiple levels, combined with an unpredictable mental illness are to blame for the sorrow that we face…not the Second Amendment.  Still, with a bevy of progressive young faces to prance about with, the left went to work, attacking the right to bear arms with a ferocity not seen in some time.





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