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The left is currently winning the war against the Second Amendment, as evidenced by the latest round of anti-gun maneuvers being carried out in the grieving state of Florida.

On Valentine’s Day, the nation was shocked to learn of a failure of authority so heinous that it cost the lives of 17 individuals at a Florida high school.  The killer, Nikolas Cruz, was a mentally disturbed young man known to authorities as someone who would “shoot up” a school, (at least according to one of several dozen warnings that police and the FBI were provided with).

When the “demon” voices in his head finally convinced him to carry out his rampage, there was a wholly inadequate response from the cowardly sheriffs of Broward County to boot – surely adding to the death toll of the mental-illness inspired event.

The reaction from the left was swift, predictably, with (D) designated lawmakers reaching for their torches and pitchforks and storming to the castle belonging to the Second Amendment, demanding it’s head on a pike.  Soon, anyone with any connection to the world of firearms was under attack.

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And that included average gun owners in Florida, who, this week, are feeling the effects of the state’s latest gun confiscation scheme.

“The guns and ammunition of a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point, Florida, resident were confiscated by police in what is reportedly the first such seizure under gun control laws signed by Gov. Rick Scott (R) last week.

“The Orlando Sentinel reports that ‘four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition’ were taken from the man, and he was ‘taken to a hospital for involuntary psychiatric treatment.’

“The seized firearms were listed as “a Ruger LCP .380 pistol, an M2 Mauser .45 pistol, a Charter Arms .357 mag snub nose revolver and a Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun.”

“The paper notes that ‘the civil ruling removing his access to guns and ammunition was granted under … new legislation — which permits confiscating guns from people who have not been committed but are deemed a potential risk to themselves or others, according to the order signed by Broward’s Chief Judge Jack Tuter.’”

When asked about the specific reasoning behind this man’s loss of his inalienable Second Amendment rights, the police deferred their answer to the realm of ambiguity, with more than a slight air of defensiveness.

“When asked about the confiscatory order that resulted in the seizure of the Lighthouse Point resident’s firearms, Mayor Glenn Troast said, ‘This is not about the Second Amendment and it’s not about the NRA. We need commonsense gun laws and this is a commonsense gun law that gives police officers new tools they need to help us protect our community.’”

That certainly clears up nothing.

It has begun, ladies and gentlemen, and we must remember that we will only need the Second Amendment when it comes time to save the Second Amendment.


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