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In what may be one of the more successful attempts at stricter gun control policy by the democrats, a number of corporations are fiddling with the age requirements for firearm purchases.

Much of these changes have come not because of legal or congressional pressure, but, instead, because of the radical left’s incessant use of the court of public opinion to shame and slander American conservatives and the businesses they support.

This discrimination along political lines is ugly in and of itself, but dragging the 2nd Amendment into the muck in order to win an argument is an entirely different sort of blasphemy.

In the face of such unkempt public pressure, a number of firearm retailers have responded by adjusting the minimum age requirements for purchasing Armalite-style rifles and long guns.

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The Firearms Policy Coalition has a message for those businesses:  Not so fast.

“…Advocacy organization Firearms Policy Coalition, which opposes gun bans and age-based limits on purchases by legal adults, said that these companies and others considering similar policies should think twice. In some states, age-based discrimination in public retail establishments is illegal.

“According to a 2016 National Conference of State Legislatures report, over one-third of states have public accommodation or civil rights laws that prohibit age-based discrimination. And even some local governments, like Broward County, Florida—where Sheriff Scott J. Israel and the FBI failed to protect the lives of innocent people in the horrific Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting—have broad antidiscrimination ordinances that prohibit age-based discrimination in businesses open to the public.

“Even setting aside the Second Amendment concerns about age-based gun bans, FPC says, some states have constitutional provisions or statutes that protect law-abiding adults’ right to keep and bear arms, which might heighten the interest in any age discrimination litigation. ‘If these billionaire corporate bullies are illegally discriminating against people based on their age, then maybe some 19 or 20-year-old law-abiding gun owners should sue them,’ FPC President Brandon Combs remarked. ‘Corporate virtue signaling might be a trendy way to get clicks, but it’s going to hurt their bottom lines. And if these corporations oppose our rights and values, they deserve to take losses. Gun owners are tired of being treated like second-class citizens.’”

Combs presumably then dropped the microphone and then mouthed the word “boom”.  (At least that’s what we envision him doing after laying down such a stupendous smack down on 2A haters).



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