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In the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida school shooting that left 17 dead on Valentine’s Day, the nation has been forced to address some difficult questions.

First, we have to ask ourselves why this happened.  Of course, this isn’t the easiest question to answer, but it may be the most important.  In the case of Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz, the answer is unkempt mental illness.

“Nikolas Cruz, who confessed to being the gunman in Wednesday’s deadly Florida school shooting, according to his arrest affidavit, claimed to authorities that voices in his head told him how to carry out the ambush that left at least 17 people dead, ABC Newsreported.

“Law enforcement sources referred to the alleged voices as ‘demons,’ according to the outlet, and said Cruz, 19, claimed that they told him what he needed to do to launch the deadly assault.”

Additionally, there has been an incredibly disturbing backstory developing in which local law enforcement and the FBI both ignored dozens of warnings from concerned acquaintances of Cruz, some of whom eerily predicted this exact scenario.

“The FBI was warned a month before the Florida school shooting that the gunman was ‘going to explode’ and harm others.

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“The January 5 tip was provided by a woman close to 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who would go on to kill 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15 rifle in Parkland, Florida.

“‘I know he’s going to explode,’ the woman told the intake specialist who received the call.

“‘I just want to, you know, get it off my chest in case something does happen and I do believe something’s going to happen,’ the woman said in the transcript that was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

“The woman said she had fears that Cruz would end up ‘getting into a school and just shooting the place up.'”

Unfortunately, the FBI and the Broward County Sheriffs did nothing to prevent Cruz’s massacre, with the latter completely refusing to even engage the shooter once arriving on the scene.

As for the FBI – they are getting their own grilling this week.

“A panel of senators grilled federal law enforcement agencies this week over repeated systemic failures leading up to the massacre in Parkland, Florida last month.

“Senate Judiciary Committee Majority Chairman Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, kicked off the nearly four hour hearing Wednesday vowing to ‘hold government accountable for its failures’ and promote legislation strengthening existing gun laws to prevent future attacks — like the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead and 15 wounded.

“’At all levels, law enforcement must explain what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what steps it is taking to make sure these failures never happen again,’ Grassley said. ‘And we must determine the best, evidence-based approach to improving school safety.’

“Grassley described the timeline of events unfolding in the months prior to the shooting as ‘disturbing,’ after state and federal officials failed multiple times to intervene, despite mounting evidence of the 19-year-old accused gunman’s mental instability.”

As of now, there are few answers being provided as to what exactly led to this abysmal failure of protocol.



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