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Democrat Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is one of the most ardent, outspoken, and wrong-headed anti-gun voices in Congress today. The man has made it his life’s mission to strip his fellow Americans of their right to self-defense, and to stand firmly opposed to one of the most important rights a human being has. He routinely lies, misspeaks, and stretches the truth when speaking about guns in America and he is almost never held to account by our mainstream media.

Thankfully, someone at the Washington Post has also noticed Murphy’s penchant for making ridiculous and false claims about guns and they decided to look in to some of his most recent claims.

From the Washington Post:

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The evidence to support Murphy’s claim is thin, at best. A 10-year ban on assault weapons such as AR-15s didn’t do much to reduce gun violence. Many of the studies that show gun control reduces gun deaths include suicides, which distorts the results. And single-state studies may show improvements in gun violence, but the results can’t be readily generalized to other states. (The Fact Checker once documented how proposed gun laws would not have prevented any mass shootings that took place between 2012 and 2015.)

After each mass shooting, politicians argue over gun-control policy, with one side focused on how to prevent the next shooting, and the other asserting that gun ownership is a constitutional right and that most gun laws don’t work. The best evidence available doesn’t lend much support for either side of the debate. Nevertheless, politicians can only work with the information they have available. And the reality is, as Kleck points out: “We make policy on the basis of incomplete and imperfect information.”

The best data available show gun permits and restricted sales slightly reduce homicides and robberies. Still, there is no evidence that tough laws “dramatically reduce gun violence as Murphy claims. He exaggerates the little evidence that lends just a hint of support for his side of the gun debate. For this we award him Three Pinocchios — yet again.

This comes on the heels of another Democrat gun-grabber getting caught in his own ridiculous anti-gun lies. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) has been making the assertion that most guns are purchased without a background check ever being done. That is a complete and utter falsehood as the FACTS show…

Verdict: False

Current research shows that a large majority of guns are sold through federally licensed dealers.

Fact Check:

By federal law, all gun dealers must obtain a license in order to sell firearms. There’s also a “secondary market” of unlicensed hobbyists who infrequently sell guns on the internet and elsewhere, and only 16 states regulate the private sale of these firearms.

Private sellers aren’t federally required to run background checks on buyers, so gun control advocates often use statistics about the proportion of unlicensed sellers to imply large gaps in background checks. A popular, but dubious claim is that 40 percent of guns are privately sold…

The estimate changes substantially when counting purchased guns alone. Fellow fact-checkers at The Washington Post asked a co-author of the study to rerun the numbers for gun sales specifically, and he found that only 14 to 22 percent of gun purchases did not involve a background check.

Researchers at Harvard calculated a similar statistic in a February 2017 study funded by a gun control group. They found that only 13 percent of guns purchased within the last two years didn’t involve a background check.

The number is relatively low because, contrary to Moulton’s claim, a large majority of guns were purchased through licensed dealers. For example, 64 percent of gun transactions over the last two years, were purchases from a store.


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