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If you listen carefully to Democrats, you will learn that most of them are against anyone owning and carrying a firearm. In the midst of all of the calls for more gun control laws, there is a rising voice calling for a total ban on private ownership of firearms. They also oppose people being able to keep their guns loaded while at home, making them useless for self-defense in the event of a home intrusion.

They are also against open and concealed carry as well as a national concealed carry reciprocity law. When you boil it all down, Democrats don’t want anyone to have the ability to defend themselves, their loved ones or their homes. They want to leave everyone defenseless victims to criminals.

(Great American Politics) – Is there anything more dangerous anywhere in the worlds than an angry mother protecting her young? In the animal kingdom, many a person has been severely injured or killed because of a mother animal protecting her young. Many instantly think of bears or lions protecting their young, but even animals you wouldn’t think of as being that dangerous, such as a cow or deer can be deadly when their young are being threatened.

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Human moms aren’t all that different than the moms in the animal kingdom. Many a mom has resorted to violence when their kids have been threatened. I remember when I was a kid, watching thee mother of a friend of mine come his rescue when an older kid was beating up her son. The mom came out and told the older kid to stop. The older kid looked at the mom and then hit her son squarely in the mouth. The mom, who wasn’t all that big, grabbed the older boy and threw him about 10 feet across the lawn. The moment the kid landed, the mom was all over him and it took her husband to pull her off of the older kid.

That same type of protective instinct of a mom whose kids are in danger, kicked in when a mom in Dallas stopped at a gas station to get gas in her car. When she got out to pump the gas, 36-year-old Ricky Wright jumped into the car and put it in gear. Knowing that her two young kids were in the car, the mom managed to jump in the passenger side as Wright drove away.

The only way I know of to effectively change the mind of these anti-gun Democrats is for them to be victimized by someone else. I know of several once adamantly anti-gun liberals who became gun rights advocates after being victimized by a criminal and not having any way to defend themselves. One man was forced to watch two intruders rape his wife and daughter, but now all three are concealed carry permit holders.




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