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If the left has learned anything from the corrupt and incorrigible Hillary Clinton, it is how to take being a sore loser to the upper echelon.

Clinton, who was completely and utterly embarrassed by Donald Trump in the general election of 2016, not only refused to issue the customary concession speech the night of, but also spent the next several months writing a book about the experience entitled “What Happened”.  As the title implies, Clinton completely believed that the presidency was hers, and that it was snatched away from her at the last minute by the Russians, Wikileaks, or a combination therein.

This loss set into motion a series of events that have forever altered the now-doomed democratic party, who are suffering in recent weeks due to the success of the #WalkAway movement on Twitter, in which liberals are walking away from the democrats due to their history of incredibly frustrating failures and falsities.

Now, in an effort to keep his name in the spotlight, young gun-grabber David Hogg is weighing in.

Well, no.  It’s not.  But we’ll let you try again.

Is he literally trying to invent a trending hashtag now?

Are we sure that this kid didn’t major in drama while attending Stoneman Douglas?



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