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The United States’ recent debate over the reality of the Second Amendment has been less discourse and more dissidence, at least when it comes to the liberal left.

What’s even worse, in reality, is the fact that this dissidence isn’t even civil.  Instead, it’s an angry and hate-filled cat of vitriol aimed at marginalizing the conservative American traditionalists wholesale.  The left has lumped their opposition to the Second Amendment in with their detestation of President Donald Trump, to create a combined movement; a “resistance” to the entire conservative ethos.

These lines have long been drawn by the mainstream media, who are operating under the liberal ethos of “divide and conquer”.  It is CNN and The New York Times and their ilk who are indoctrinating our nation’s youth at an alarming clip, completely brainwashing otherwise bright young Americans.

Take David Hogg, for example, a survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting of Valentine’s Day, whose eloquence and ego have propelled him to the forefront of the anti-gun movement in recent weeks.  Now, Hogg has allowed his newfound fame to go straight to his head, utilizing profane pimp and gang slang in his latest tirade against the National Rifle Association – an organization that has been on this planet for 146 years compared to Hogg’s 17 or 18.  (The official date of Hogg’s birth is mysteriously clouded in controversy).

David Hogg

Why doesn’t Wikipedia know when David Hogg was born?

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Here is what the increasingly bratty child had to say this week:

“Parkland student David Hogg’s latest gun control PSA opens with him looking directly at the camera and asking, ‘What if our politicians weren’t the bitch of the NRA?’

“In the video, Hogg seizes on Trump’s rope-a-dope of Democrats, whereby he made them believe he was open to every gun control imaginable, only to draw them out into the light and deny them every gun control they pushed. He then points to Democrat Conor Lamb’s victory over Republican Rick Saccone earlier in the week. Hogg suggests Lamb’s victory is proof Americans have had ‘enough.’”

Hogg’s feeble attempt to sound edgy comes off as the ranting of a child who just secretly watched an R-rated movies when his parents weren’t home.

And, while this cringe-worthy line will be laughed off by a majority of Americans, what Hogg is doing with this language is targeting the Viceland, MTV youth of America who idolize tough kids.

That, somehow, makes Hogg’s crude language that much more inexcusable:  He’ simply doing it to grow his own personal army of leftists children.


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