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David Hogg and his band of merry pranksters may be planning on a rockstar-inspired summer tour, but one gun rights advocate would like to add a dash of humility to the proceedings first.

We all remember Hogg, probably a bit too well, after watching the young man ascend to mythical status among the liberal left, who desperately needed an eloquent and fresh faced stooge for their unconstitutional fight against the 2nd Amendment.  Unfortunately, Hogg has flopped more than lightly, with the teenager first acting confused as to whether or not he was even at Stoneman Douglas High School at the time of the shooting, and then completely ignoring the first rule of liberalism:  Never emulate Nazis.

David Hogg


On the other end of the debate, however, was a delightful young woman named Kaitlin Bennett, who became famous for posing for her Kent State graduation photos with her trusty AR-10.  This, predictably, riled the democratic dunces of the left into a frenzy.  Kaitlin responded with the sort of poise and grace that you would expect from a well educated young lady.

Now, however, Bennett has a but more forward approach when dealing specifically with David Hogg, openly challenging the liberal darling to an arm wrestling match.

Kaitlin’s followup tweet was even funnier…

We don’t have much hope in Hogg actually accepting the challenge, as he’s been far too busy galavanting across the country “doing activism”…just like Chelsea Handler suddenly just became an activist?  

Amazingly, Bennett wasn’t done there, either:

While the hatted Hogg above has yet to explain this photo, we can only assume that he lost a bet.

Perhaps that is also why he is shying away from Kaitlin’s repeated requests for a response.


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