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It is perfectly fine to admit that we’ve thought about it, sitting in the bank or stopping to grab a lottery ticket at the gas station.

I’m talking about an armed robbery, of course, and what our reaction would be to such a polarizing act occurring directly within our local purview.  Would we be the heroic and stoic type, who simply walks directly into danger in order to save lives?  Or would we find ourselves paralyzed with fear, unable to utter even a squeak of concern.

Or, are we the type who, armed, could make a difference?  What about if we were not armed?  Then what would we do?

The answer for one manager at a Tallahassee, Florida Academy Sports store was to tackle a would-be gun thief.

Dean Crouch, 32, was the store manager who stopped Jason White from leaving the Mahan Drive store with a .40-caliber pistol from the firearms counter on June 29.

Just hours before he was taken into custody, White stole two handguns from Cash America Pawn on South Adams Street, according to Tallahassee Police.

White asked to look at the handgun at the firearms counter. He was handed the gun, then ran toward the front door.

Crouch, who court records say observed the transaction at the counter, and another employee tackled and subdued White at the exit doors and recovered the gun, a stolen backpack, five boxes of ammunition and two magazines for the Glock.

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Heroic, right?  Well that’s not what Academy Sports thought.

The manager of Tallahassee’s Academy Sports was fired Tuesday after tackling a suspect accused of stealing a handgun last week. The suspect also allegedly threatened to shoot people.

“Academy has decided to, instead of treating him like the hero he is, they terminated his employment effective immediately because he put his hands on Mr. White,” Crouch’s attorney Ryan Hobbs said.

This is absolutely insanity.  We can only hope that Tallahassee area firearm dealers are lining up to take a look at Crouch’s resumé.

Academy’s pathetic response is right up there with their colleagues over at Dick’s.

Academy Sports spokeswoman Elise Hasbrook said she could not comment on specific personnel matters or policies.

However, Crouch’s actions and his termination were handled in accordance with the Texas-based company’s policies.

“While the incident ended without injury, actions inconsistent with corporate policies were taken,” she said. “We addressed the matter with the local store and individuals involved.”

Crouch worked at the store for more than two years and is now married with a family and has no way to support them.

And they called us “deplorable?  Give me a break.


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