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Fellow supporters of the Second Amendment, it may well be time to take our enthusiasm to the next level.

As we look around the nation, we see an exponentially more fervent resistance to the Constitution than ever before.  It’s almost as if the left is afraid of freedom, and afraid of what the right to tell the truth will do to their future chances at political gain.

Furthermore, thanks to the Second Amendment, they are afraid that they will never be able to truly conquer Americans who believe in the constitutional reality that our founders created.

So they fire back at us with rules, regulations, and inconveniences meant to push owning guns out of favor.  One such rule was instituted in Florida, where Americans need to apply to be granted permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights in public.

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Now, one Congressman has apparently had enough.

Ron DeSantis told a gun rights advocacy group that people should not need a permit to openly carry a firearm in public, according to the group’s lawyer and a release sent out by the organization this week.

Eric Friday, the general counsel for Florida Carry, said he met with DeSantis in Kissimmee while the Congressman was there for the Republican “Sunshine Summit” in June, which featured a debate between DeSantis and his rival in the governor’s race, Adam Putnam, as well as prominent speeches from prominent Republicans like Ben Carson.

DeSantis’ position was originally touted in a roundup earlier this week of various lawmakers’ stances on gun issues based on conversations they had with the group.

Florida currently requires a permit (and thus, background checks) for anyone wishing to carry a handgun, and it must be concealed. Thirty-one states have adopted permissive “open carry” laws that allow people to carry guns without a permit if they are in plain sight. This is also sometimes called “constitutional carry,” because its supporters believe the Second Amendment bypasses the need for a license.

Given the utter difficulty that the left is hoping to attach to gun ownership, perhaps it is time for more Second Amendment supporters to declare their beliefs on constitutional carry.

We have, for so long, been under the impression that openly carrying a gun is unnatural and wrong, and that sentiment has vilified firearms to a great extent.  Much like the “war on drugs” only helped to decrease intelligence on the subject, thus contributing to our horrific opioid epidemic, this “war on guns” will only serve to create a false sense of security.

And the blowback from the gun debate could be far more deadly than the pill popping debacle we’re living through today.


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