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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Or, in Comedy Central’s case, try something else first, admit it failed, and then scurry back to the formula.

That’s precisely what happened when Stephen Colbert moved from Comedy Central to The Late Show, dropping his “character” Colbert and addressing the world as the actual Stephen Colbert.

The character he played on his 30 minute Daily Show spinoff was that of a goon-ish right wing pundit who would never, ever admit that he was wrong.  It was a rip on guys like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, but so over the top that it had the ability to make you cringe just looking at it.

When Colbert moved on, the network hired Larry Wilmore to fill his slot, but allowed Wilmore to play the straight man, delivering his tirades in similar fashion to the way in which The Daily Show itself was written.

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Wilmore did not fair well in the slot, having been canceled just 259 episodes into it’s run.

So, back to the drawing board went Comedy Central – where they found themselves resurrecting the phony alt-right schtick of Colbert, with more than a hint of Alex Jones-esque conspiracy thrown into the mix.

This show, now known as The Opposition with Jordan Klepper is an incredibly flagrant ripoff of the Colbert Report routine, right down to the abrasive interview styles and deadpan delivery.

Now, Klepper is taking things up a notch with a creepy new gag that has more than a few American uncomfortable.

“Comedy Central’s Jordan Klepper is planning a slumber party for young activists pushing for action on gun control.

“Klepper is taking Thursday’s episode of his show, ‘The Opposition,’ out of a New York studio and into the living room of a private home in the Bethesda, Maryland area. That’s where many young people plan to gather in preparation for Saturday’s March For Our Lives on Washington to oppose gun violence.

“’It’s so nice to be inspired by people who aren’t cynical about the political process, who are actually doing something,’ Klepper said on Monday.

“Klepper took a special interest in the issue even before he began hosting the weekday show, which airs at 11:30 p.m. EDT, last year. He did reporting on gun control for ‘The Daily Show’ and hosted a one-hour ‘investigative comedy’ special last June titled ‘Jordan Klepper Solves Guns.’”

Of course, Klepper’s phony straw man arguments are perfect fodder for groups such as the Parkland school shooting survivors, who are well-rehearsed on the gun control debate, having spent much of 2017 working on the issue as a team.

“Klepper won’t be breaking character to conduct his interviews. He plays a conservative conspiracy theorist on the show, much like Stephen Colbert played a conservative talk show host when he was at Comedy Central.

“He found that when he interviewed the Parkland students, they later appreciated Klepper going after them in this fashion, because it gave the students the chance to refute claims made against them.”

Klepper’s strange event will take place on Thursday night.



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