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The worlds of Hollywood and politics have long been trapped in a gravitational attraction to one another, with a cataclysmic impact on the immediate horizon.

When tragedy strikes, it seems as though these enormous bodies begin hurtling even faster toward one another, with a number of prominent celebrities turning in their posh positions for a heavy and tall soapbox – often in the form of incessantly left-leaning opinions being disseminated via social media networks such as Twitter.

Chelsea Handler is just such an example, with the former television and Netflix host eschewing her public persona in favor of “political activism”, at least according to her.

In reality, Handler is simply sitting back on her sizable bank account, choosing not to work in television, and simply tweet her own opinions on the President and his agenda.  This is apparently what passes for “activism” these days.

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So, of course, when the Parkland, Florida attack occurred last month, Handler went into full blown liberal “warrior” mode, ripping into the inalienable Second Amendment with a ferocity seldom seen by the drug-friendly former T.V. personality.

Her latest piece of “wisdom” on the Second Amendment, however, proves to us that Handler has very little intrinsic knowledge on the subject of firearms; a fact that would disqualify any true activist from speaking on the subject.

Comedian and gun control proponent Chelsea Handler admits she has “armed” bodyguards but claims they do not use “semi-automatic weapons.”

The former Netflix talk show host made the admission during a back-and-forth on Twitter after a user named California Laura called Handler out for pushing gun control while being flanked by armed guards.

California Laura tweeted, in part, “Get rid of your armed guards and then you can talk to the Middle Class about [feeling] safe.”

Handler responded, “My armed guards aren’t killing children and don’t have semi-automatic weapons.”

Unless Chelsea Handler’s armed security guards are cowboys with single-action six shooters, or possibly archers, the comedienne is definitely mistaken.

You see, this confusion over what constitutes a “weapon of war”, or an “assault weapon” has been a major crux of the left’s arguments against the Second Amendment.  The left has vilified all semiautomatic weapons as some sort of unnecessary evil that must be banished into the bowels of history.  This is entirely incorrect, both literally and constitutionally.

The Second Amendment’s purpose is to protect We The People from the tyrannical maneuvers that women such as Handler are actively promoting.  Without the ability to compete and win against a government-backed military force, the Second Amendment is essentially null and void.

In other words, you won’t need the Second Amendment until they try to take it away…and that is precisely what Chelsea Handler is suggesting.


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