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It is, at times, truly unfortunate just how biased and filthy the American news media has become, especially given the sheer size of the United States’ conservative awakening of 2018.

Around the nation, We The People are growing savvy of the horrors of a government gone mad, and those within the halls of Washington D.C. are acting none the wiser.  The proverbial swamp is draining from beneath their very feet, with only their overused and poorly navigated soapboxes to keep them afloat.

This has, of course, trickled down to the liberal mainstream media as well, who have become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the democratic party in recent decades.

This vile viscosity makes the swamp thick with their bias, and even some of the nation’s most time-honored “news” sources cannot seem to extricate themselves from the ooze.

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Such is the case with 60 Minutes, once a venerable piece of American journalism, that has found itself lurching ever nearer to the bottom of the soon-to-be decimated marshlands of D.C.

“The heart of CBS’ 60-Minutes latest ‘report’ on 2nd Amendment issues was not surprising to anyone familiar with the hopelessly liberal media.

“The commentator (Steve Kroft), after assuring us all that he is so fair and in fact ‘hunted with his farther and grandfather,’ (don’t they all!) proceeded to present the National CCW Reciprocity Bill, now making its way through Congress, as a war between the ‘Gun Lobby’ and the police!

“Police officials in NYC, who were simply handed the microphone, smugly commented that only they, and selected friends, should be able to even have guns, much less carry them. Kroft nodded in approval. What a surprise!”

And the nonsense didn’t stop there either.

“Many individual police officers and officials, including most sheriffs here in CO, favor this new legislation, but of course, we didn’t hear from any of them.

“The NRA apparently declined to be interviewed. After being screwed by the media so many times, you really can’t blame them!

“Others in favor of this bill were interviewed, or rather argued with, but Kroft assured them that shooting incidents would result ‘within a month or so,’ when the bill becomes law. Dubious predictions like that are easy to make of course, when you don’t have to back them up!”

The idea that any modern day incident should be applied to the rigorous and time-tested Second Amendment is ludicrous at best.

The Amendment itself was written at a time in which revolution was fresh on the minds of the young nation’s leaders – a predicament that Americans without deep historical knowledge would be able to replicate within their own minds, let alone within the halls of government.

The trepidation and oppression isn’t something that any American alive today can profess to understand, meaning that this historical piece of liberty should not be interpreted by today’s relatively lucky Americans…especially those within the media.


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