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California’s Lt. Governor (and likely next Governor) Gavin Newsome is as liberal as they come. He was a popular mayor in California’s most liberal city, San Fransisco, and he’s a rising star in California’s Democrat Party. All of that being said, it’s obvious that he toes the line on most of the most sacred beliefs of the Democrat Party, in particular he’d love nothing more than to take away the rights of his citizens to keep and bear arms.

As evidence of that fact, he recently tweeted out this gem of idiocy.

Here’s the problem for Mr. Newsome…

NONE of these attacks were committed by members of the NRA. Only one of these attacks were even committed by a “legal” gun owner, and that man was certifiable and should not have had access to firearms.

Also, the next time a Democrat politician advocates gun control but says their “not coming for our guns,” point them to this tweet and call them out for the liars that they are.

Others noticed:



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