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When it comes to asinine legislation regarding any number of subjects, one needn’t look any further than the State of California for inspiration.

In fact, the Golden State could very well be considered the king of frivolous, liberty-limiting legislation worthy of writing an entire volume of somber tomes about.  The liberalism of California has run so far afoul of the Constitution that, even in the case of the almighty First Amendment, there are doubts that it can survive another year out west.

Forty-six percent of California voters say we’ve gone too far in allowing white nationalists to demonstrate while 43 percent say the rallies should not be restricted and 11 percent had no opinion.

And Democrats, especially, appear to be grappling with the complex issue in deep blue California.

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In the wake of violent protests from Charlottesville to Berkeley, more than half, a full 53 percent of California’s Democratic voters, believe we have gone too far in allowing those demonstrations. Some 50 percent of California Republicans, meanwhile, believe the right to demonstrate should not be restricted, compared with 39 percent of Democrats.

Don’t get me wrong:  White Nationalists are a scourge upon our nation, but without an infallible right to free speech, there is no guarantee that freedom as a whole can be prevail.  We have to pay our penance for this liberty, and that penance is having to listen to the nonsense that will come out of some people’s mouths.

When it comes to the Second Amendment, things aren’t getting any better out in the Hollywood Hills either, with California looking to expand on their already strict gun control laws with new legislation meant to regulate every piece of a gun, right down to the screws and springs that allow our firearms to operate.

Firearms Policy Coalition today announced that it had acquired new “mock-up” language for California Assembly Bill 2382 (AB 2382), currently a bill authored by Asm. Mike Gipson (D – Carson) to expand the definition of “firearm” and “receiver,” that would enact a radical and far-reaching new regulatory scheme by treating non-firearm parts, components, and even some raw materials in a virtually-identical manner as Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63 and Senator Kevin de Leon’s SB 1235 (2016) did with ammunition. FPC called the broad reach and implications of the disturbing amendments “staggering.”

“The State of California’s non-stop barrage of attacks on gun owners and our rights appears to have no end in sight,” said FPC Legislative Advocate and Spokesperson Craig DeLuz. “It is deeply troubling that our state government sees law-abiding residents as the enemy. One thing is for certain, if the Legislature and the Department of Justice continue to pass and enforce more and more oppressive laws, they will get the exact opposite of what they say they want.”

that would include barrels, ammunition feeding devices (including magazines for semi-automatic firearms and “speed loaders” for revolvers), “unfinished receivers,” molded or shaped polymer frames or receivers, metallic castings, metallic forgings, receiver “flats” such as Kalashnikov style weapon systems, Browning-style receiver side plates, Kalashnikov style receiver “channels”, finished upper receivers for AR-15 and AR-10 style firearms, unfinished handgun frames, finished slides that are used to enclose handgun barrels, and trigger pack or fire control groups for Heckler and Koch or FN FAL style firearms.

Next thing you know, California will start regulating the type of wood used in firearm grips, insisting that these pieces be sourced from only free-range, grass fed trees.

This micromanagement of the Second Amendment isn’t only damaging to the intent of the Constitutional clause, but also completely unethical.  This is infringement, by definition, and it mustn’t be allowed to occur any longer.


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