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In America, one can predict with ease where the most stringent firearms restrictions will first rear their ugly heads.  Your choices are New York, Chicago, or California.

Seattle has certainly been making a bid for the top 3 as of late, and deserves a mention for their latest scheme to require every gun in the city to have an external lock attached to it when not in use.

Let’s not make any mistake about this very important point before we go any further:  All of these restrictions are technically unconstitutional, as they infringe upon our right to bear arms.  And, of course, anything not pursuant to the Constitution doesn’t actually count.

I’m not saying to use that argument if you get pulled over…I’m just making a point.

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Now, as California attempts to ban “bump stocks”, one gun rights group is taking action to protect the more accurate depiction of the right to bear arms.

Four gun rights groups are suing California Attorney General Xavier Becerra over failures of the “bullet button assault weapon” registration system.

The deadline for registering “bullet button assault weapons” was 11:59:59 pm on June 30. On July 9 Breitbart News reported that numerous registrants said they had seen the personal information of other registrants while in the system. This information included telephone numbers, emails, driver’s license numbers, etc.

Breitbart News also reported that the registration requirements were structured in a way that prevented deployed military personnel from registering their “bullet button assault weapons.” This puts those personnel in a position of possibly losing their weapons and facing criminal charges.

Calguns Foundation, Firearms Policy Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and the Second Amendment Foundation have now filed suit against the AG Becerra.

What’s worse still is that this government-created infringement on our rights has likely cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars already, if not more, and we’re nowhere closer to a suitable solution today than before the deadline.

Simply put, these infringements are now degenerating due to the left’s inability to govern in the least, making gun ownership far, far more difficult than intended by the Founding Fathers.


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