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The ongoing debate regarding the best way to keep our schoolchildren safe in this nation has been raging for decades, having suddenly taken a turn toward the absurd.

Last month, a Parkland, Florida high school was terrorized by mentally disturbed teenager Nikolas Cruz who opened fire within the halls of his former educational institution killing 16 former classmates and a teacher.  As these sort of tragedies have a tendency to do, the shooting reignited a debate that the emotionally irresponsible liberals love to have:  How best to repeal the Second Amendment.

Now, in the case of the Florida school, there were armed guards on duty – but they failed to respond to the shooting due to their own fear.

The man who should have stymied Cruz early in his rampage was a Broward County Deputy Sheriff who had been handed the cushy, $75K per year job of school “resource officer” instead of retirement.  When the rest of the local law outfit arrived, they too decided to abstain from confronting the shooter, even though internal documents from within the department show that these officers are expected and instructed to engage the antagonist immediately upon arriving on the scene.

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In the wake of this abject failure, American schools began concocting a number of plans to keep their young students safe.  One school in Pennsylvania been gained notoriety for their plan to arm their students with buckets of rocks.

Now, after the internet gave the school a piece of their mind on the bizarre plan, real changes are about to take place.

Blue Mountain School District Superintendent David Helsel released a statement Tuesday indicating he’d hired armed security guards for additional protection, fearing the intense media coverage may encourage an attack.

“This attention was due to social media posts that took comments out of context and misrepresented our actual planned response to armed intruders (particularly with the planned use of stones),” he said. “This unfortunate circumstance has increased our concern regarding the possibility that something may happen because of the media attention.”

Helsel told state lawmakers earlier this month every classroom in his district — which serves 2,700 students across five schools — contains a five gallon bucket of river rocks meant as a last line of self defense.

“If an armed attacker attempts to gain access to our classroom, they will face a students armed with rocks and they will be stoned,” he said during interviews with local media. “They are the right size for hands. You can throw them very hard and they will create or cause pain, which can distract.”

So far, the most obvious solution to the problem of mass school shootings seems to be providing armed deterrents at the school itself.  As far as ways for this plan to fail, it seems that the only requirement is to not hire anyone from the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.



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