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The more gun control fanatics talk about guns, the more obvious it becomes that they know nothing about guns, which means they are only spewing out the rhetoric they hear others spew, without realizing how wrong they are.

For example, back in March, Shannon Watts, leader of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, tweeted about a very dangerous assault weapon – the Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle, along with a photo of the gun. If Watts had any clue what she was talking about, she would have realized that this dangerous assault weapon (haha) is a bolt-action .22 cal. Rifle, which means that someone has to manually slide the bolt open to expel an empty cartridge and then slide the bolt closed EVERY time the rifle is fired.

In the latest example of not knowing what they are talking about, the Brady Campaign has been caught using data about deaths from handguns to justify their call for a ban on what they believe to be assault weapons.

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(Bearing Arms) – Many of us have often remarked that gun grabbers don’t know the first thing about guns. We have ample evidence of this, after all. Shannon Watts touted perhaps the least dangerous firearm possible as a deadly assault weapon, for example.

To be sure, it kind of makes sense. People who understand guns won’t take some of the positions this crowd tends to take. They’d understand a great deal more, and while they might still be anti-gun, their positions would include nearly as much stupidity as it does.

Yet, the fact remains that they don’t. Maybe that’s why the Brady Campaign seems intent on defending the Deerfield, IL assault weapon ban by referencing handgun-related crimes and fatalities.

Meanwhile, Brady & Co. have come up with some rather astounding arguments to defend their gun ban…

To begin with, the way they throw around the term assault weapon for many other styles of firearms also proves they don’t know what they are talking about. I tried to correct someone about this and they insisted that if the gun could be used to assault someone then it’s an assault weapon. My response was then that means that knives, baseball bats, screw drivers, hammers, axes, lamps, vases and automobiles are also assault weapons since they are also used to assault others. End of argument.




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