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Hurricane Florence continues to barrel toward the Carolinas and will eventually cost billions to clean up.

It’s only natural to reminisce, if you will, about recent disasters.

Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, leaving the city in ruins. The same can be said about Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico in 2017.

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A-list actor Brad Pitt wanted to help the victims of the Katrina tragedy by building “green” homes that were affordable.

The problem is they didn’t last long and are now falling apart. What’s more is that Pitt’s organization has “all but disappeared.”

From Daily Wire:

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, actor Brad Pitt created a charity called the “Make It Right Foundation,” which built homes for those in the city’s Lower 9th Ward. The homes were supposed to be “affordable, high-quality, environmentally sustainable” and “safe,” according to the foundation’s website. But an NBC investigation has found that the homes are falling apart, and the organization has “all but disappeared.”

NBC spoke to Kamaria Allen, who purchased one of the Make It Right homes for $130,000 in 2011 but has since abandoned the house which has “mushrooms growing from its split siding” and “wooden boards propping up its sagging roof,” NBC reports.


The news outlet spoke to 11 residents (10 on the record) who said the houses are “rotting and dangerous.”

“They complain of mold and collapsing structures, electrical fires and gas leaks,” NBC reported. “They say the houses were built too quickly, with low-quality materials, and that the designs didn’t take into account New Orleans’ humid, rainy climate.”


“Make It Right hasn’t built a home, filed tax forms or updated its website since 2015,” NBC reported. “The downtown New Orleans office has been closed, the staff has been cut to a handful and residents say their calls go unreturned. While Pitt ordered inspections for the homes in 2016, according to a spokesperson, residents say they’re still waiting for the results and for much-needed repairs.”

Not good.

Speaking of Hurricane Maria, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz took to the national stage to criticize President Donald Trump immediately after the natural disaster struck.

To this day, Cruz blames Trump for a poor response to the natural disaster.

Considering Hurricane Florence will soon make landfall in the Carolinas, Cruz is back in the spotlight telling America how unfit Trump is to be president.

Many, many people were killed in Puerto Rico, although actual numbers are fuzzy, while people were without electricity and clean water for months.

The thing is, a devastating secret has just come to light.

There was no reason whatsoever for Puerto Ricans suffering through the tragedy not to have water.

Here’s why, per Daily Wire:

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump over the U.S. government’s response in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, even as 12 million bottles of water were discovered this week rotting on an airport runway in Puerto Rico.

BuzzFeed News reports that “Justo Hernández, deputy federal coordinating officer of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), told reporters that the 19,841 pallets of water were left on the runway at José Aponte de la Torre Airport and that as a result, ‘some of that water was spoiled.'”

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