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After the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Florida, liberals used the media to promote their emotional pleas for more gun control. The media focused on the brainwashed teenagers who have no clue what they are really doing, but with the media’s help, they began to convince others for the need to take action on more gun control.

Dick’s Sporting Goods reacted to the emotional hype by first removing all assault-style weapons from their stores. Instead of returning the guns to the manufacturers, Dick’s opted to destroy all of them. Then they announced that they were raising the minimum age to 21 for purchasing any gun, regardless of what state laws dictated.

Many gun rights advocates called for a boycott of Dick’s and it appears to be hurting the company who says their overall hunting business is down, but they stubbornly insist on continuing to violate the constitutional rights of Americans 18-20.

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(The Washington Free Beacon) – Dick’s Sporting Goods announced on Wednesday that their recent endorsement of gun control policies and hiring of gun control lobbyists has hurt their sales of firearms and hunting accessories.

The company did not reveal specifics about how much their firearms business had fallen during their first quarter earnings call but said it was directly connected to their decision to embrace certain gun control policies. “As expected, our firearms policy changes impacted our hunt business which saw an accelerated decline in an already challenged category,” Dick’s CFO Lee Belitsky told analysts. “We expect these businesses to remain under significant pressure throughout the remainder of the year.”

The store announced in February it would be reinstituting a ban on sales of AR-15s and similar rifles as well as certain firearms magazines after abandoning a nearly identical policy it announced in 2012. The company then embraced gun control, banning the sale of firearms to adults under 21 years of age and hiring lobbyists to advocate for stricter gun laws…

I know that ever since Dick’s irresponsibly reacted to the national emotional hype, that I have not stepped foot inside the Dick’s store in our area. I used to buy some things from them, but never again until they decide to do the right thing and uphold the Second Amendment rights of the American people, especially those who are old enough to die for our country, but being denied the right to purchase a gun. Hopefully, the boycott will continue and Dick’s will either do the right thing or go out of business.




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