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The American political left has been raging against the Second Amendment vociferously since the February 14th massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

The attack, carried out by the mentally ill Nikolas Cruz, has been coopted by the mainstream media, and transformed from a tragic tale of police ineptitude to a billboard promoting the leftist agenda.  No gun make Nikolas Cruz kill anyone.  Cruz has openly admitted to police that he was deranged at the time of the attack, and taking instruction from demonic voices that he heard within his own head.

In the city of Austin, Texas, they too had a madman roaming the streets.  But, instead of brandishing a firearm, this young man, only 4 years older than the 19 year old Cruz, instead chose to utilize explosives in his crimes.  Two have already been killed by the now-deceased bomber, but there is no telling whether or not more of his devices exist out in the wild.

“Authorities on Wednesday identified the man they say is responsible for the Austin bombings as Mark Anthony Conditt, a 23-year-old from Pflugerville, Texas.

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“Authorities said Conditt died when he detonated an explosive during a confrontation with police. Texas Gov. Greg Abott told KVUE Conditt appeared to have no military or criminal background and that investigators were still trying to determine his motive.

“A federal criminal complaint and arrest warrant were filed against Conditt on Tuesday night before his death in connection with the bombings in Austin, the Department of Justice said in a statement.”

Herein lies the issue for the left, however:  Conditt never used a firearm.  Instead, he brought carnage and death to the people of Austin with explosives – something that no background check or licensing scheme would prevent.

When asked by neighbors to describe the Conditts, nothing seemed amiss.

“‘I would describe them as an extremely nice family,’ neighbor Jeff Reeb said.

“‘He seemed like a very normal kid, which is what everybody says or most neighbors say in this type of situation,’ Reeb said. ‘But over the years there is nothing I can point to.'”

“He added: “‘All I can tell you is that we’re praying for the family and I can’t imagine what they are going through.'”

And that is what makes this such a terrifying example of how criminals operate.  Nikolas Cruz from Parkland was reported to police nearly 4 dozen times, with the FBI finally being forced to admit that they completely ignored the warnings they received about the possibility of Cruz “shooting up some place”.

Conditt, on the other hand, may have been a three headed dog for all the Austin and Pflugerville police know.  He simply decided one day that he was going to begin killing, and that’s what he did.  No warning signs.  No failed background check.

And, most importantly, no guns.


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