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Carrying guns on campus is a conflict of interest. While may Americans, like myself, believe that they should be able to carry their weapon anywhere, many left-learning Americans do not agree. In fact, many college campuses across the U.S. have begun creating “safe spaces,” where students can go to feel “safe” from political correctness. For instance, speaking about Donald Trump would trigger these students to need to go to their “safe space.” So, with that being said, you can imagine how they would feel about guns on their campus.

After the recent Ohio State attack though, which was done by a refugee with a knife, a bill is being passed that will allow permit holders to carry onto college campuses.

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The legislation is not new in Ohio, but there is a new push to get the bill passed. The debate raises many concerns from both sides.

“The idea of a lot of people walking around campus with firearms is just terrifying to me,” said Angelina Vega.

Vega, a third-year law student at Ohio State, thought giving her point of view about what she calls controversial legislation during Wednesday’s Senate hearing was critical.
Vega was a former police officer at the University of Texas-San Antonio and believes Monday’s attack would have been even more terrifying if other students were armed.

“I know how it would be terrifying to go to an active shooter situation and not know who it is, who is the active shooter because other people have weapons out also,” said Vega.

“They should be able to defend themselves still,” said Katelin Nealeigh, President of Buckeyes for Conceal Carry. “Just because they are a student doesn’t mean they should not be able to protect themselves.”

Which is why Nealeigh thinks House Bill 48 is a step in the right direction. But, she and members of the organization are hoping to fix one thing.

“The thing we are trying to change is the university opt-in clause that would allow universities to choose whether students would be able to campus carry or not,” said Nealeigh.

Right now the way the legislation reads, colleges and universities will ultimately be given the option on whether or not to allow concealed handguns on campus.

“We want to give that same kind of local control to all of our universities across the state and let them decide what works best on their campus,” said Sen. Bill Coley.

Carrying a concealed handgun into a daycare center or even an airport would be permitted under the bill. Senator Bill Coley says he’s confident after a few amendments are made, the final bill will pass sometime next week.

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