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A small, family-owned business opens it’s doors to equip law-abiding citizens with the resources to defend themselves against thieves, rapists, kidnappers, murders, etc. This is a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution, which members of Congress, Judges, Presidents and all citizens are sworn to uphold. Furthermore, Liberty Guns is licensed and approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to help citizens defend themselves and their families. Every customer is vetted by the FBI with a thorough background check. In the early morning hours of Friday, April 3rd, this small, family-owned business is cleaned out leaving the owners and staff struggling to keep the doors open. Insurance denies any claims. In hopes of recovering the critical losses, Liberty Guns calls upon to help raise money to keep the doors open. At first, says yes and allows people to contribute. Shortly thereafter, however, they close down the campaign with no warning.

Does not care about the families who are employed by Liberty Guns? Do they not care about the residents in the local community who want to protect their families? Do they not care about members of law enforcement who shop at this store and seek to protect the local community? Maybe wants the thief to get away with this crime. Maybe they want a small American business to go out of business.

Ironically, wants to look like the nice guys because they think guns are evil. In GoFundMe’s magical little world, bad guys will stop using guns if Obama or Hillary ban them. I have news for the executives at… Spoons don’t make people fat and guns don’t kill people. Bad guys kill people. We are here to stop the bad guys and uphold the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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