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For some warped reason, Democrats seem to believe that less armed protection makes students and our nation safer.

Barack Obama reduced the number of US troops, Navy warships, Air Force planes, other weaponry including America’s nuclear arsenal. Did he really think this made America safer from enemy attacks?

Democrats have the same idea about training and arming teachers to protect students. They fail to see the huge deterrent factor and availability of immediate response to an active shooter.

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Instead, they oppose arming teachers, believing it will only make schools more dangerous as if teaches will start going on shooting rampages.

After Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced that she was considering making federal funds available to states to help purchase firearms for teachers, a number of anti-gun groups are poised and ready to file a lawsuit to stop her.

(NBC News) – A coalition of prominent gun control, teacher and civil rights groups is threatening legal action against the Department of Education if it moves forward with a controversial proposal that would allow states to spend federal funds on guns for school personnel.

“We are extraordinarily concerned with this dangerous, and what we believe to be unlawful, proposal under consideration to supply teachers with federal funds to buy gun for their classrooms, instead of books and school supplies,” said Giffords Law Center chief counsel Adam Skaggs, whose group, which was co-founded by shooting victim and former Rep. Gabby Giffords, is taking the lead on the potential suit.

Other members of the coalition are the American Federation of Teachers, the second-largest teachers’ union; the Southern Poverty Law Center; and Democracy Forward, a nonpartisan legal group targeting executive branch overreach.

NBC News reported this week that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos began deliberating the controversial move earlier this year after Texas and Oklahoma asked the agency if schools could buy weapons using federal funds known as Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants, which are part of Title IV funding…

Think about the ridiculousness of what these anti-gunner Democrats are doing.

They are ready to raise taxes in order to pay for computers and other items to help with the education of your kids.

However, they are against spending a penny to help protect your kids while in their socialist custody.

Obviously, the safety of your kids is not as important as their anti-gun agenda.




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