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The lunatic fringes of the anti-gun movement are growing restless in 2018, demanding a number of unattainable changes to the way Americans interpret the Constitution.

This is likely due to the overt radicalization occurring within the ranks of the liberal world, spurred on by their absurdly aggressive hatred of President Donald Trump, and their push to segregate the population of America based on political beliefs.

Just take a look at what some of these horrific “Americans” are finding themselves involved with:


Now, this spirit of nonsensical resistance has infected the gun control debate, thanks to the weaponizing of the Antifa-type radicals within the democratic party.

Take Karen Mallard, for instance.

Mallard, who is running for Congress in the great state of West Virginia, recently took to Facebook to declare her own detestation for the the “gun” crowd.  The video below is Karen’s attempt at looking tough when it comes to the issues.

Those of you paying attention may have noticed the major issue with what Mallard did here, namely, the fact that she illegally modified this rifle, therefore committing a felony in the process.

Mallard’s publicity stunt was definitely successful, but the attention she is receiving is not exactly what she was hoping for.

“The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is investigating congressional candidate Karen Mallard after she posted a video on Facebook that shows her cutting apart an AR-15 rifle.

“The school teacher and Democrat is running for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, hoping to oust Republican Congressman Scott Taylor.”

This ridiculous attempt at looking edgy in front of her millennial demographic has likely blown up in Karen’s face, at least for the time being, given that an ATF investigation doesn’t look so hot on the resumé when you’re trying to hold public office.



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