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The resilience of the American gun owner is a thing of pure beauty.  No other Constitutional amendment has such a vociferous following, and for good reason…no other amendment has received the flack that the 2nd has.

In fact, it could very easily be argued that the Second Amendment is the most controversial governmental decree of all time, and is ultimately unique to America.  The exceptional nature of the American experiment can, in many ways, be traced back to the ideologies of freedom, and persistent sovereignty, that the Second Amendment protects.

We did not inherit this inalienable right by accident.  No, this was a handcrafted and meticulously examined piece of legalese that the left needs to respect.

None of them has ever founded a nation, so who are they to decide if our Founders had it right?

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Now, as the attacks against this piece of American ingenuity continue to transform in our modern society, the NRA has become a focal point.  When the going gets tough, however, the NRA’s tough members get to giving.

April donations to the NRA’s Political Victory Fund were over 2.5 times higher than donations to the three biggest gun control PACs combined.

Federal Election Commission filings show the NRA’s PAC took received $1,852,323.28 in donations. While that is roughly $600,000 less than the $2.4 million they raised in March, it is still many times higher than the amount given to the nation’s largest gun control PACs.

For example, the Washington Beacon reports that “the Giffords PAC raised $653,510.53 in April, Everytown for Gun Safety PAC raised $16,552.33, and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Voter Education Fund raised $4,015.00.” That makes a combined total of $674,077.86 for the gun control PACs, which is $1,178,245.42 less than the NRA’s PAC received.

The NRA admits that April is merely part of a larger upswing of fundraising that began within days of the horrific Parkland, Florida school shooting of Valentine’s Day.

It took the liberal left and their cultish celebrity cronies mere hours to swoop in and begin their campaign of shame and blame, ultimately deciding that the Second Amendment should be repealed.  Sensing a threat, the American electorate padded the coffers of the only effective war machine they knew for this sort of legislation and litigious assault: The National Rifle Association.


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