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Far-left actress/activist Alyssa Milano was repeatedly told to stop recording on her phone at the Kavanaugh hearing.

She didn’t listen.

In fact, she was rather defiant at times.

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From Milano:

Milano showed up to Washington DC on Wednesday, pounding on a female Republican Senator’s door, demanding to know how she could support SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh despite the numerous cases of sexual impropriety.

Rather, alleged cases, as nothing has been proven – and probably never will be.

Watch Milano scream “OPEN THE DOOR!”

From The Daily Wire:

Far-left actress Alyssa Milano paraded around a mob of anti-Kavanaugh activists on Wednesday and began pounding on the door of Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) while shouting, “open the door, hear the stories!” about women who survived sexual assault.

The goal of these #Womentowomen protests was about potentially persuading female backers of President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh into withdrawing their support. Hyde-Smith’s staff reportedly granted them no such hearing, according to one protester.

“[Hyde-Smith’s staff] seemed to be smirking and on their phones and they then just went back into their office and closed the door,” says a protester in the video. “And the gentleman who said he was going to find out just sort of snuck in and grabbed something and left.”

Milano’s actions were virtually indistinguishable from those of protesters who ruined Sen. Ted Cruz’s night and harassed his wife.

From Daily Caller:

Two videos were posted by “Smash Racism DC” and they show a large group of protesters chanting “We believe survivors” in reference to sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at Sen. Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz.

One video shows a protester confronting Sen. Cruz and his wife as they entered the restaurant. Sen. Cruz tells the woman “God bless you” before attempting to take a seat at a table.

Here’s a couple of clips:

From Right Scoop:

They probably feel like they’ve accomplished something, but what exactly? Do they think this will make Cruz change his vote?

If they do, they seriously don’t understand who Cruz is and what he’s about.

Accuser Christine Blasey Ford and her team were counting on “witnesses” from 36-years ago to back up her story of sexual assault.

It would appear that that isn’t going to happen, as all four “witnesses” are now denying knowing anything about the altercation between a 15-year-old Ford and 17-year-old Kavanaugh.

From The Maven:

Christine Blasey Ford has named several people who would be witnesses to, or have knowledge of, what she says happened to her. Patrick Smyth denies it. Mark Judge denies it. Brett Kavanaugh denies it. People have claimed these are all men who went to school together, so they must be protecting themselves. What about any female witnesses?

Christine Blasey Ford said there was one. Her name is Leland Keyser. She was Ford’s classmate. She was not an eye witness, but Ford said she had knowledge of the party and assault. I have obtained Keyser’s attorney’s letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ms. Keyser denies any knowledge of the events Christine Blasey Ford describes. So, to recap, every single person referenced by Ford denies knowing anything except Ford and she can’t tell us when or where the event happened. Even Ford’s own classmate denies having knowledge of the event.

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