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Oh snap. The internet has been blowing up over the whole Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones interview. Some of us were laughing, and others upset, but most all of us in some kind of disbelief.

Megyn Kelly (ick) used to be a Fox News anchor and we all loved her until she seemed to turn against Conservative ways and Donald Trump. So Kelly was seemingly dumped.

Alex Jones….well, lets just say the ole boy has his heart in the right place. He is a conservative, but perhaps a far right, or alt conservative. He likes to play more into the conspiracy side of things. Every now and then he stumbles across something thats big but usually his shows are more entertaining than factual.

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Which brings us to: the interview. They spoke about the Sandy Hook Shooting, which Jones thinks was a big government hoax. He isn’t too crazy when it comes to that scenario though because there are many people with huge doubts as to whether it really happened or not.

Fox News:

A source told us, “NBC was scrambling to find a way out of this mess without having to back down and cancel Sunday’s episode of Megyn’s show. Megyn and her producers made numerous calls to the Sandy Hook families this week to ask them to appear on the show. Some refused because they didn’t think appearing on her show would do enough to counter Alex Jones’ venom.”

Another source added, “Everyone on the show believes it’s vitally important that the piece conveys the immense pain that Jones has caused the Sandy Hook families.” The source added it was normal to be editing right up until airtime.

However, after the interview, not everything was released. This is when Jones came out and said that he recorded the entire interview and that he would be leaking it.

Alex Jones plans to release audio on Thursday night of his entire interview with Megyn Kelly — saying he secretly recorded the controversial sit-down because he “knew it was all crap.”

The Infowars host posted a video online, along with a teaser clip, around 8:45 p.m. and claimed he would be posting the full tape on the conspiracy website later in the evening.

“I’ve never done this in 22 years, I’ve never recorded another journalist, but I knew it was a fraud, that it was a lie,” Jones said in the video, recalling how Kelly approached him about the interview.

“God, she was like, ‘I want to get steaks with you, I’m obsessed with you, oh my God,’ wiggling around in her seat. It was all crap,” he explained. “I knew it was all a lie. I said Sandy Hook happened, and she wouldn’t even put it in the promo pieces. So we’re going to release, oh yea, we’re going to release the pre-interview. And then when they put their fraud out on Sunday — which I’ve asked them not to air because they’re misrepresenting who I am and saying I’m as bad as Saddam Hussein, or Jeffrey Dahmer, or Charles Manson — we’ve got the whole interviews here…We’ve got it all…It’s all going to come out.”

The clip that accompanied Jones’ tweet featured a short audio recording of Kelly, seemingly assuring the 43-year-old that her questions wouldn’t be tough.

“All I can do is give you my word and I don’t double-cross,” she can be heard saying at one point.



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