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We’ll forgive you if you missed it, because we almost did too, but Smith & Wesson just released their latest firearm and it was specifically designed to competed head-to-head with the Glock 19.

It’s called the Smith & Wesson M & P 2.0 Compact and it comes in either 9mm or .40S&W.

Smith & Wesson teased the new offering this past Saturday.

Little did they know that Brownells product manager, Paul Levy, already had his hands on the gun and had just published a new video revealing it to the world. Levy may have been one of the first members of the public to get his hands on one, and he was more than happy to debut it for the waiting world on Brownell’s YouTube channel.


Brownells Product Manager Paul Levy helmed an 11-minute Facebook Live unveiling of the Compact on Friday, detailing four different models in 9mm and .40S&W either with or without manual thumb safeties.

“It fits between the standard M&P full-sized pistols and the previous sub-compact models, so a really nice-sized compact pistol,” said Levy, noting that Apex trigger enhancement kits are compatible.

Going through the specs, the Compact uses a 4-inch barrel and has a 15+1 round capacity in 9mm and 13+1 in the .40 variant with an unloaded weight of just under 24-ounces. This is a dead ringer in comparison to the Glock 19 and 23 and a hair lighter than the 26-ounce P-10 C series from Czech gun maker CZ.

Levy even compares the G19 and Compact side-by-side in the Brownells video.

You can see, it’s going to be an immediate success. The only real competition on the market are the Glock 19 (which may be the 2nd most popular gun in the world after the Glock 17), and the CZ P10C.

To have yet another compact offering, that is sure to be a hit with concealed carry enthusiasts, is a beautiful thing for shooters everywhere. Expect the M & P 2.0 Compact to start showing up on wish lists, and in gun ranges, around the country.


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